Friday, January 04, 2008

I Am Legend...

If you like to think and like thriller movies then this is a movie for you. It has a really heavy themes that pushes a unapologetic Christian view of humanity admist scary zombies attacking:
  • Destruction of society/creation is not caused by God but by man.
  • Humans are created for community and relationship.
  • God's plan can't be thwarted or trumped.
  • The degenerate and evil community live in darkness and are allergic to the sun light.
  • Remnant saved who are immune to the Darkness Eaters/Vampire Virus (although can be physically killed by them, just not infected to jump over to the dark side) , who live in a protected idyllic setting.
  • All the intellegence, physical strength, knowlege of a man with authority, power and integrity accourding to the worlds standards cannot save you... then contrast with the humility and hope of a woman and child who see life.
  • Doubt: how could a loving God allow this to happen? The fact they are alive and the hope of others alive shows some kindness of God or God's faithfulness to his plan.
  • Death is the sting of the virus - those who die are not saved from its grip and death seperates us from those we love.

I liked this movie. Besides it starring my favourite piece of eye-candy, it scared the living daylights out of me any my friend Lisa but scared in a good way. There was great beauty in the suspense and terror, it held me throughout the movie and made me think all at the smae time. It was not overly gruesome, had some very funny moments, some to-be-expected singing/music moments by Will Smith... and just not sure if I buy it that Robert Neville (Will Smith) didn't know about the remnant of people when he was in the army intellegence and had everything to cure the virus but maybe that was due to his self-righteousness that he had to stay at ground-zero as he is sure he can fix this... nonetheless it was an intense and thrilling movie.

I think what I like the most about this movie is that it is putting Christian ideas on our culture agenda, giving us a vocabulary to see, engage and discuss the true God who saves.

And it was a joy to walk out of the movie and for Lisa to ask: what did you think of the story line, bit more indepth than the average vampire/zombie movie don't you think?

Anyone read the book? I think I might aim to do that this year!


psychodougie said...

i always wanted to see the original, from back in the '50s. i think they did a remake with chuck heston (perfect for the role, obviously) 20yrs later.

but it's interesting you mention the apocalyptic theme - it does sound a very pre-millenialist view, as per the left behind series, with there being a time where we share the earth with the perishing (perished?), until the 1000yrs are up and, shazaam, the new earth appears.

but apart from reinforcing this stereotype of Christian belief, the other things definitely sound good apologetic "ins"

but anyway, i do love a good zombie flick!

jamieschallenge said...

I love the movie...I left the movies with this thought of sharing Christ at cost. I love it we art trying to put a sermon series together using the movie.

Jamie Starrett

Anonymous said...